Hairstylist & Makeup Artist


Her top skills in the beauty industry: Natural and Old Hollywood Glam Makeup & Hair Looks. 

If her life was a movie it would be: Groundhog Day… another day another hairstyle.

Years in industry: 16 years

Why we love Zeena: Lyna has been transforming hair and faces into works of art since age 7 (Barbie was her first muse). She has been a licensed hairstylist for over a decade and what she loves most are her client’s transformations. Lover of Old Hollywood glam and red lipstick, she describes herself as calming but sassy with an extra dose of passion. If you see her with a curling iron in hand, watch out - She might just enhance your natural beauty! 

Sit back and let Lyna perform her magic for your next photoshoot or event, you won’t regret!