Sexeh Shadow - Self Made
Sexeh Shadow - Self Made


Sexeh Shadow - Self Made

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Sexeh Shadows are mineral based, made in small batches without unknown fillers. Long lasting, high pigment density formula that can be used wet or dry. This single 26.5mm eyeshadow comes in a clear “clamshell” refill style packaging to be filled into any of our Maddpretty Palettes.

High Pigment, Mettalic Bronze Gold Frost Shadow called Self-Made.

Definition from Urban dictionary: Self made is when someone who acquires their wealth/success on their own and do not inherit or win it. It takes time and persistence to become successful and if you’ve put in the work then that’s declared self made.

John: Aye man look at that fool drivin round his dads rolls royce
Joe: Naw dawg you trippin hes a self made hustler.