Sexeh Shadow - Sugar Baby


Sexeh Shadow - Sugar Baby

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Sexeh Shadows are mineral based, made in small batches without unknown fillers. Long lasting, high pigment density formula that can be used wet or dry. This single 26.5mm eyeshadow comes in a clear “clamshell” refill style packaging to be filled into any of our Maddpretty Palettes.

High Pigment, Coral-Pink Shimmer Shadow with medium sheen called Sugar Baby.

Definition from Urban dictionary: When a younger male has more money than the older female he is dating.

Girl 1: oh my gosh! I love your Michael Kors watch!
Girl 2: thanks! My boyfriend got it for me for graduation!
Girl 1: isn’t your boyfriend still in high school?
Girl 2: ya, he graduates in a couple years
Girl 1: so he’s basically your sugar baby?
Girl 2: pretty much! But he loves buying things for me so it’s no big deal!